Julia Hannan - Director

Most likely to be heard ranting about how she refuses to work with w***kers, Julia has held on to  a ridiculous dream of creating a corner of the music industry that works differently.  In her world, people pool resources, utilise one another’s strengths and have integrity.  One day in her seemingly endless battle to achieve this utopian fantasy, she realised that she hadn’t quite reached paradise but she had inadvertently created her own job.

Her small team at Peculiar Management now works full time developing the careers of the artists they work with. Their current roster includes No.1 selling classical act Mediaeval Baebes, prog rock innovators Knifeworld, 15 piece gypsy punk orchestra The Destroyers and some talented singer songwriters including Melpomeni , The Murder Barn and ex Flesh For Lulu frontman Nick Marsh.

Julia’s notable prior work includes music co-ordination on 3 Royal Variety Performances and experience on many light entertainment TV productions. Subsequent work has included tour concept and management for London based commercial radio station Kiss 100, set up and event management of Hinterland Festival in Glasgow - a two day musical extravaganza involving 15 venues and 120 bands and event management of The Camden Crawl, a similar music event attracting 15,000 people.   

Having worked in radio, television, live events, parties, music booking and fixing, corporate entertainment, PR, commercial launches and artist management her varied experience has been invaluable in today’s ever changing entertainment industry.  With in-house PR, design and label management, Julia and her small team have an advantageous set of skills which are perfectly suited to getting new projects off the ground.

“There is no task too formidable, or any journey too daunting, that Julia Hannan, the producer and ultimate facilitator of the epic dreamscape that is “Temptation” cannot undertake.

Her tireless determination and righteous dedication defines her as a unique alchemist and conduit of the eclectic spectrum of talent that surrounds her.

Where would artists be without a vehicle of such diligent and practical means to unravel the mystery of self promotion?

A word of warning, Should you choose to engage with this tigress in the field of battle, be prepared for a fearsome fight, as she will never back down, and you will die a thousand deaths before her honour is compromised…” - Katharine Blake, Mediaeval Baebes