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PECULIAR MANAGEMENT is a London based project management company specialising  in the music, broadcast media and creative industries.

As the shape of the entertainment business continues to evolve, the management side of the business becomes more and more varied.  There are no formulas to what we do and we work closely with our clients to develop bespoke solutions to their business needs.

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“There is no task too formidable, or any journey too daunting, that Julia Hannan, the producer and ultimate facilitator of the epic dreamscape that is “Temptation” cannot undertake.  Her tireless determination and righteous dedication defines her as a unique alchemist and conduit of the eclectic spectrum of talent that surrounds her.  Where would artists be without a vehicle of such diligent and practical means to unravel the mystery of self promotion?
A word of warning, Should you choose to engage with this tigress in the field of battle, be prepared for a fearsome fight, as she will never back down, and you will die a thousand deaths before her honour is compromised…”
Katharine Blake, Mediaeval Baebes

“And then there is Julia Hannan.  What a pleasure.  In all my years I have never had such quick responses to queries.  Julia was right on top of everything in and out of office hours.  She must have a Bluetooth implant.  Her answers were quick, concise, friendly and quick.  Did I mention rapid?  We were old frineds long before we met. What a peach.  It’s a shame I have shoes older than her.”  
John Miller - The John Miller Orchestra

“Julia is the magic ingredient that ensures projects get done. The most resourceful, competent and trustworthy person I have ever worked with - Julia sets the standards!”  Julieanne Toole, Head Of Sales, Magic 105.4

“Thanking you for all your help and hard work in making the event shine all the way and of course making our lives as entertainers a hell of a lot less stressful.  Looking forward to perhaps working with you again some day”  
PE Casper Esq (AKA George Formby)

I don’t think there’s anyone in the world I would be happier putting my faith in.”  
Liz Cunningham, Business Development Manager,  Kiss 100

“Thank you both for all your hard work over the Knifeworld campaign and at the gig. You've been brilliant.I have been knocked over by the press we've had for the album.”  Kavus Torabi, Knifeworld

"The album’s artwork deserves special mention as well. In an era where album art has become almost a forgotten art form, the band have created something spectacular and striking. Credit where credit is due, this album proves that album art can still be a highlight of an album, even if the majority of bands have forgotten that."  
Mike Elliiott Komodo Rock

Peculiarize - verb
To make peculiar, unusual, distinguished. Preserving one's eccentricity, personality and individuality.

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